Event Health Team

Being a member of this successful team is not achievable or a choice for everyone. We make no apologies for the standards we set. To provide the best service in the environment we specialise in, takes a dedicated and committed team effort.

Our uncompromising professionalism is what makes us leaders in what we do. Some of the attributes we believe are encompassed in professionalism include:

  • take responsibility
  • ask why
  • never stop learning
  • take initiative
  • embrace change (we call it innovation)
  • be flexible
  • accept nothing short of the best
  • thrive in a challenging environment where complacency has no place

Whilst we are interested in what you have done, we are most interested in what you can do.

To be part of this outstanding team you need to be willing to learn, ask questions, be flexible and be dedicated to improving what we do. If you believe you can contribute to this dynamic team with a culture of professionalism, success and pursuing improvement of best practice then we would love to hear from you.

As you can imagine roles within the team are popular making the recruitment process competitive so only applicants meeting the criteria and short listed for interview will be contacted.

Whilst there are minimum criteria to join this leading organisation, specialist training is provided to successful applicants to ensure they have all the skills and knowledge required to do this role successfully.


Prospective applicants are advised to keep an eye on this website for updates on future opportunities to join our highly reputable team.

Enquiries should be sent to recruitment@eventhealthmanagement.com.au